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Easy Group Service – Company Kit Set Supply會計專用綠盒套裝(Company Kit Set)







會計專用綠盒套裝(Company Kit Set)

VTech Group reached a consensus and commitment on the following items of the Company’s printing company’s green kit (Company Kit Set) and the registered service companies that will cooperate:

  1. A self-contained team will send your Company Kit Set with the most accurate time.The production line is located in Hong Kong, so it can be customized for your company in the shortest possible time.
  2. Seal service within one year so that your organization can provide effective after-sales service for its valued customers.
  3. Today’s emergency services allow your organization to make the most flexible arrangements for your valued customers.
  4. With cost savings, Delta Group guarantees to supply your company with the cheapest Company Kit Set in Hong Kong.
  5. The professional Green Box QC staff hopes to give your company a valuable green box with zero error.
  6. Print your company’s Logo name on the seal box to demonstrate your company’s brand effectiveness.
  7. The partnership is limited to the accountant’s office.
  8. The accounting consultant and the lawyer’s office do not retail. This ensures that the Delta Group attaches great importance to and focuses on its partners.
  9. WhatsApp, WeChat, E-Mail and Phone call are used as orders to save your company’s time and operating procedures.
  10. Place an order before 4pm on the working day and send the product to your company one business day after the order is placed.

For enquiries, please call 3901 3444 /Whatsapp 6020 2080


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