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Green Box is a company that specializes in printing company accounts for the green box set (Company Kit Set) and green box special stamps. VTech Group (Green Box) Company specializes in the establishment of green boxes required for the registration of Hong Kong and overseas companies. With a one-stop business from printing, tacking, hot stamping, carving stamps to making atomic printing, there is no need for external demand. With the goal of achieving the fastest delivery, lowest price and most professional services, it is an industry member engaged in registered service companies. , to provide more than one opportunity to choose the best supplier.


The group’s services include Green Box Customs, Seals, Printed Stock Book, Printing Company Articles of Association and more. Since Kai Yip, they have mostly worked for accounting companies, investment companies, and commercial organizations. Their achievements have been frequent.


With the principle of quality assurance and customer-oriented, the Access Group hopes to achieve cross-selling win-win situations with commercial organizations in all walks of life. Take accounting green box (green box) as an example, it must be the regular consumables of each accounting company. As a professional accountant, you will not miss the opportunity to save this recurrent expenditure.


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